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160 Hanham Road, RD 1, Kumeu, Nor-West Auckland 0891 | Tel: 021 744 300

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Kumeu Kennels

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160 Hanham Road, RD 1, Kumeu, Nor-West Auckland 0891 | Tel: 021 744 300

Please read these terms & conditions carefully. We will make every effort to ensure your Pet’s stay is a happy one, however all pets are placed in our care entirely at the owner’s risk as there are always some things beyond our control.

Drop off & Pick up times: Hours are strictly as seen on our ‘home page’ for reasons of security and to comply with Council regulation, our gates will be locked outside of these hours.

Note: Due to strict Council rules around noise disturbance and Health & Safety regulations we no longer allow the Public into our workplace.

Vaccinations: On drop off it is IMPORTANT that you bring with you the current vaccination details for your pet/s which must meet our requirements below. We will not accept pets into the facility without this information. All pets must be up to date with their flea & worm treatments.

Dogs: We require K9 5in1, Lepto & Bordetella (otherwise known as K9 cough) our preference being the intra-nasel or oral version. Lepto & K9 cough must be current within 12 months, K9 5in1 can be valid for up to 3 years once your dog is over 16 months old but this will depend on which vaccine company your Vet is using e.g. Vanguard 5+ and Nobivac Dhppi are acceptable every 3 years.

Cats: We require Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia vaccine (otherwise known as Felocell 3in1) to be current within 2 years for cats over the age of 16months.

Boarding rates: I understand & agree to the following. The daily rates are based on ‘off peak’ & ‘peak’ periods and that a surcharge applies on all Public holidays, that I will be charged from the first day my pet arrives (whether I choose to drop off between 8-10am or 3-5pm) and for each day that follows unless pick up is between 8-10am. Pets that are picked up between 3-5pm will be charged for the last day as they are still occupying a unit. Daily rates are subject to change without notice.

Accommodation: I understand that the majority of the dog accommodation is ‘share twin’ and suited to social dogs and that if my dog requires an individual unit during a busy holiday period this may or may not be possible depending on size of dog and availability at the time of enquiry.

Peak holiday bookings: I understand that for my booking to be secure during a ‘peak’ holiday period I need to pay a deposit on confirmation of my booking and then pay the remaining balance via Eftpos on drop off.

Off Peak bookings: I understand that a booking made outside of a busy holiday period is to be paid in full via Eftpos on drop off.

Deposits Only: Are paid to ASB 12 3209 0299203 00 and must be referenced with the matching surname & dates booked. Deposits are non-refundable and remaining balances must be paid via Eftpos drop off.

Cancellation of booking: If your Kennel booking is cancelled within 4 weeks of a peak holiday period it will be difficult for us to match the exact dates & breed of dog with a late alternative booking therefore a cancellation fee of $50.00 will apply.

Returning earlier: Should I decide to pick my pet up earlier than stated I understand no refund will be given. I also agree to advise Kumeu Boarding Kennels within 24hrs of my amended pick up date so staff have time to bath my dog/s if required.

Personnel items: I understand Kumeu Boarding Kennels cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage to items that I may choose to leave with my pet.

Alternative person: I understand I must provide a name & phone number of an alternative person still in the country who will act on my behalf in case of an emergency (dog/cat) or if my dog is disruptive or unsettled in the Kennels and needs to be picked up.

On Behalf: If I am unable to collect my pet I must provide Kumeu Boarding Kennels with the name of the person picking up on my behalf and understand they will need to provide I D before my pet is handed to them.

Medical: I allow Kumeu Boarding Kennels to have access to my pets medical history and to call a Veterinary surgeon on my behalf should it be necessary. I will advise of any existing medical conditions my pet may have or treatment that is being received. I understand any medication I leave with my pet is to be clearly marked and in the appropriate packaging with instructions. I agree to make payment to Kumeu Boarding Kennels for costs incurred at the Vet prior to picking up my Pet.

Pet Behaviour: For the safety of staff and other pets in our facility it is important that we are informed of any undesirable behaviours your pet may have. We reserve the right to refuse admission to dogs into the Kennels with unpredictable, disruptive, destructive or truly aggressive behaviour.

Damage to fixtures/beds: If my dog damages the said property belonging to Kumeu Boarding Kennels I agree to reimburse the dollar value to repair or replace the fixture or item.

Photograpy: The staff at Kumeu Boarding Kennels may take photo’s of your pet/s during their stay, we reserve the right to use these images without payment of royalties and at our discretion, which may include our website or social media.

Abandonment: Pets left at Kumeu Boarding Kennels in excess of the agreed date of departure without any contact or payment from the pet’s owner or their representative will be classed as abandoned and removed to an official establishment for this purpose. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to ensure that they communicate any unexpected delays to us. Any Outstanding accounts will be pursued in full and as the owner you agree to pay any collection and legal/enforcement costs incurred.

Vehicles & Property: Pet owners must not exceed 5 km per hour within our private drive & carpark to ensure all pets, owners, staff and other animals on the property remain safe, not injured or damaged. However Kumeu Boarding Kennels accepts no responsibility for any such loss, harm or damage. For the safety of all animals on our property you must close any gate you open.

Privacy Policy: Kumeu Boarding Kennels will never sell, lend, rent, disclose or otherwise release your personal information or any information relating to your communications with us to a third party.