What we offer

Lots of space to run around!

We offer your dog/s a spacious, safe and secure environment and one on one care from our experienced canine handlers.  Special attention given to nervous or timid dogs.


LARGE GRASSED Exercise areas, suited to all dogs.

Social interaction, before mixing dogs we take into account age, nature, size and breed also whether they are dominant, submissive or neutral, high or low energy players or a senior dog.

If you dog has preference to human company our staff will ensure their exercise needs are met individually.



Our spacious ‘individual and share twin units’ provide a safe germ free environment for your dog/s.  The solid painted walls allow for privacy between dogs while keeping any noise disturbance to a minimum, the ceramic tile floors ensure your dog has a clean dry surface.

A couple of our furry guests relaxing in the shade!


Beds and bedding are supplied during your dog/s stay, there are many beds options to suit the needs of individual dogs.  We play easy listening music 24 hours a day.


We feed only premium dog food, however if your dog is on their own special diet we are happy to feed the food supplied by their owner.  Please note any wet food must be packed in ‘leak proof’ meal size portions and clearly labelled i.e. Dogs name & surname.